Sage 300

Sage 300 is accounting software for small to medium sized enterprises that fulfills all your accounting needs.

Customised and tailored by Astech

Sage CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software- Sage CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management solution that integrates directly with both Sage 300 and SAGE ERP X3.

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Credit Management Solutions

The Astech Credit and Loan Management Solution (LMS) is a comprehensive end to end business software solution for credit providers.

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Sage 300 Demo

Deploying Sage ERP Sage 300 6.0A requires a number of computers. This includes a database server, file/web server and client workstations. This disseminates the entire workload over to at least three computers; this also includes processing requirements and memory used. Most users want everything to be installed on the laptop without any internet connection to the demo. The aim is to get the demo to run properly, quicker and also look great.

A demo is meant to simplify things for the customer thus saving him time and money. The goal is to get the work accomplished in the shortest time. Windows 7 Sage 300 6 runs faster on Windows 7 as it does on Windows XP. In order to have the best demo, users need to take advantage of this. Microsoft outdid itself with Windows 7; this new technology fixes some of the bugs from Windows Vista and is far more advanced when compared to Windows XP. The only thing that’s guaranteed to make the demo really good is to use Windows 7. It’s also a good idea to use the 64-Bit version. By doing so, you can add more memory without any difficulty past 2Gig of RAM. With 2G of RAM both the 64 and 32 bit versions run the same way. However, with the 32 bit version one can make use of more RAM. With the 64 bit version, any user can expand the RAM to their laptop’s full capacity. Unfortunately, you can’t make use of Home edition of Windows to demo.

Sage CRM and Sage 300 need an IIS to be present and for the Home versions of Windows, this is unavailable. Database Using the SQL Server is the best idea. The most common database is SQL Server as this allows other products like SageCRM to be installed. SQL Server 2008 is 10-15% faster than SQL Server 2005 but this shouldn’t discourage you if you use the 2005 version. At the end of the day, you want to have one database server running. Memory A 2Gig is a limit only if you’re using 32 Bit Windows. You really don’t need any additional memory. It’s also a good idea to have 4Gig of RAM which is the norm with most laptops. In order to use the 4-Gig of RAM properly, you have to run a 64 Bit version of Windows ideally Windows 7.

The newest feature in Sage 300 6.0 is the new Sage CRM integration called Quotes to Orders. This is where you can Order screens running inside CRM as web pages and of course Sage 300 Quote. Previously, users had to Order Entry VB OXC popping up; with the new SageCRM it works far better. Users no longer have to struggle with installing both SageCRM and Sage 300 on the same laptop for demo purposes. Sage 300 demo is now both easy and possible.
Sage 300 CRM