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Monash South Africa improves financial and student reporting with integrated data management system

By QlikView Johannesburg, 19 Sep 2016 Monash South Africa, a higher education institution which forms part of the Laureate International Universities network, developed a layered technology solution with Astech, a software solutions company. 

Astech used QlikView, business intelligence software designed to harness the capabilities of data, to develop an integrated data management system which delivers insight into student and status, improved reporting and powerful internal operational tools. Jan Botha, Head of Business Intelligence, Astech, says: "We initiated the process in 2010 and completed the final installation in 2015. Over the five-year period we introduced student data management, international reporting, financial data and reporting and admissions and enrolment processes. QlikView was the ideal product for us to use as it has a proven track record in harnessing data and enhancing its insights." 

Astech used QlikView to develop a Student Debt Report to analyze student data and gather measurable and reliable insight. The solution provides Monash South Africa with data on where students are based, when they studied with the organization, the programmes they are enrolled in and their current debt status. Any issues are instantly flagged to allow for the appropriate action to be taken timeously, and data can be used by the institution to further enhance student offerings and communications. In the financial data and reporting solution, QlikView was used to develop a cost center report with live access to data showing actual revenue and expenditure across budget. Departments gained instant view of expenses, funds and results while also being able to use the system to assess inventory, vendor data and revenue. 

"The system has saved Monash South Africa significant time and effort in terms of financial reporting and data management," says Botha. "It identifies issues quickly and provides the department with the tools it needs to run the business more effectively." One of the most impressive elements of the QlikView solution in terms of time saved and efficiencies created is the admissions and enrollment system. Prior to its installation, the staff had to work almost 24/7 to handle the volume of enrollment applications. The data provided by the National Senior Certificate (NSC) authority had to be manually entered into a system and assessed against specific enrollment criteria. 

"There were more than 800 000 matriculants in 2015 alone and the task they faced each year was mammoth, it took weeks," says Botha. "The new solution now examines the data from the NSC and provides the requisite enrollment information in only two days. From weeks spent manually managing huge volumes to two days – the system has changed the entire process from a pain point to an efficient experience. As a result of the solutions crafted by Astech and the functionalities of QlikView, Monash South Africa has seen savings across cost and time, and vastly improved productivity. It has allowed the organization to better meet its deliverables and improved the way in which it engages with stakeholders and manages internal processes. It reinforces the value of a rich technology solution which is customised to fit the business to ensure deliverables are met.

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