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Sage 300 is accounting software for small to medium sized enterprises that fulfills all your accounting needs.

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Customer Relationship Management Software- Sage CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management solution that integrates directly with both Sage 300 and SAGE ERP X3.

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The Astech Credit and Loan Management Solution (LMS) is a comprehensive end to end business software solution for credit providers.

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Sage CRM empowers Corruption Watch to fight crime

Corruption Watch is a public platform that encourages and enables the public to report their knowledge and experience of corruption. 

Following the implementation of Sage CRM, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) has substantially boosted the number of reports it receives from 40 to 80 per week. Sage business partner, Analytical Solution Technology (Astech), provided implementation and consulting services for the project. In the past four years, Corruption Watch has received over 12 000 reports of corruption from SMS, WhatsApp, walk-ins, the call centre, email, Facebook, Twitter and referrals from other civil society organisations (CSOs). The organisation actively promotes accountable leadership and aims to build a culture of responsible behaviour to take a stand against corruption. In addition to exposing and publicizing cases of corruption, Corruption Watch investigates selected incidents of corruption, in particular those that have the most serious impact on society. 

Without a workflow platform and poor access to real-time information, Corruption Watch was struggling to stay on top of its growing case load. Backups and data weren’t secure, and there were data consistency challenges. Its investigators often needed to work through reports running into hundreds of pages and manually capture the relevant data on Microsoft Excel. “We recommended Sage CRM as a solution because of its extensibility and powerful workflow engine,” says Astech Director Anthony Lipshitz. “Security was another major consideration because Corruption Watch works with whistle-blowers - if the identity of a leaker gets out, his or her life may be at risk.” 

The CRM solution enables the Corruption Watch team to manage and track a case from start to finish while remaining in constant communication with the whistle-blowers. “With Sage CRM, all of our case information is available in an easy to use, yet secure system, and we no longer need to search through piles of unmanageable reports. This makes it easier for us to find information, analyze cases, and ultimately process more reports per day than we could before,” says Ronald Menoe, Head of Stakeholder Management, Corruption Watch. “The improved accessibility of information has vastly improved our efficiencies, while also ensuring greater security for our whistle-blowers.” “At Sage we enable our customers to focus on their business and leapfrog to the future. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to play a positive role in making this exceptional organization increase its operational efficiency,” says Jeremy Waterman, Managing Director, Sage Northern Africa and Middle East.

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