Sage 300

Sage 300 is accounting software for small to medium sized enterprises that fulfills all your accounting needs.

Customised and tailored by Astech

Sage CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software- Sage CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management solution that integrates directly with both Sage 300 and SAGE ERP X3.

Customised and tailored by Astech

Credit Management Solutions

The Astech Credit and Loan Management Solution (LMS) is a comprehensive end to end business software solution for credit providers.

Customised and tailored by Astech

Sage 300 Support

Sage 300 support plays an important role in looking for efficient ways to increase a company’s planning and human resources management. Every company needs an accounting system that is accurate and efficient. An efficient accounting system needs to be effortless and secured saving on time and energy. With Sage 300 support, any organisation can easily spot problems quicker than most people thus allowing companies to reach their target. 

This system equips a business organisation with a wide variety of aspects which helps in speeding up production. This accounting software is a great way to keep track of inventory and because of this aspect, it’s also acts as a depository in maintaining all the documentation related to accounts. Sage 300 software works better at maintaining a track record with suppliers. This software supports users to learn and easily operate through complicated software. Thanks to its advanced features, users no longer have to struggle. Sage 300 support is designed to meet all business needs of any kind regardless of the organisation; this includes both small and big organisations. This software also caters for the function of any organization’s marketing, sales, payment track records and bill payments. This system can benefit any company no matter how big or small it may be. 

It’s excellent for handling accounts especially for small businesses. Import MS Excel Data into Sage 300 Technology has changed the way we do business. Most organisations have transformed their data storage going from the old normal books to electronic in the form of spread sheets. With this new technology, there is now a higher demand for security when it comes to business operations seeing that it’s moving to more sophisticated software such as Sage 300. This software is developed by Business Innovation Technologies Inc. This new innovation allows companies to access information required for regular operations of any company in the quickest time. When importing MS Excel data into Sage 300, one can create reports and analyze data because the system is that easy and simple to use. This accounting package saves you time and money allowing you to use your time for other business operations. With the use of Sage 300 , one can allocate less time in interpreting and pulling the data.

Sage 300 CRM