Sage 300

Sage 300 is accounting software for small to medium sized enterprises that fulfills all your accounting needs.

Customised and tailored by Astech

Sage CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software- Sage CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management solution that integrates directly with both Sage 300 and SAGE ERP X3.

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Credit Management Solutions

The Astech Credit and Loan Management Solution (LMS) is a comprehensive end to end business software solution for credit providers.

Customised and tailored by Astech

Astech Blog Articles

Fix "Authentication required, Browser session mismatch" error in Sage CRM

When logging into Sage CRM using Internet Explorer, you might encounter the following error: Cause This issue appears to be caused by a new security feature introduced in Sage CRM (7.3+) and appears when using Sage CRM over HTTPS. Solution These solutions were obtained from Sage City. Configure Internet Explorer The best solution would be to configure Internet Explore...

Sage 300 Support

Sage 300 support plays an important role in looking for efficient ways to increase a company’s planning and human resources management. Every company needs an accounting system that is accurate and efficient. An efficient accounting system needs to be effortless and secured saving one time and energy. With Sage 300 support, any organisation can easily spot problems quicker than most people thus al...

Sage 300 Demo

Deploying Sage ERP Sage 300 6.0A requires a number of computers. This includes a database server, file/web server and client workstations. This disseminates the entire workload over to at least three computers; this also includes processing requirements and memory used. Most users want everything to be installed on the laptop without any internet connection to the demo. The aim is to get the demo ...

Sage 300

Every business is different, the needs and growth of the company is dependent on the size of the corporation. Larger businesses have more needs and therefore need systems which will cater for its needs. Some larger corporations also have chaotic accounting processes. A company can easily fall into a complex situation especially when there are no professionals who are well equipped to deal with the...

Accounting Software Benefits

What is accounting software? Accounting software is an integrated system that handles all the bookkeeping on a computer. The main function is to synchronize the record keeping of all the monetary transactions that are relevant to the business. Why do you need it? The need for increased productivity in our current economy has forced the world into integrating all the busines...

Why Sage CRM?

If you’re using a paper based system that is not keeping pace with the growth of your company and cannot support the high level of personal service demanded by your customers, this will not only result in valuable time being lost on updating your paperwork but also your sales team is likely to misplace information or not have it available when it is needed. The solution in such a situation is to i...

Sage 300 CRM